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    We’re Bringing Sexy Back

    Nothing but the most unique will do.  When Larry Hackney asked for a custom Urbantrike, we rolled out the “olive drab” carpet.  Designed with WWII bomber inspiration, Larry realized his vision with sick custom wheels and a vintage ammo box for a trunk.  Add a canteen as an aftermarket water bottle and you have a […]

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    Baller. Shot Caller.

    Jonny Gomes, #5 on the World Champion Boston Red Sox, wanted his very own custom Adairicus from Urbantrike. When “Ironsides” came to us, he wanted a trike built to his specs and his design guidelines.  As Boston’s bad boy’s, his reputation precedes him so he needed something that was tough as him. We rolled out […]

  • Bulldog on an Adairicus Urbantrike adult tricycle

    Redefining the Adult Tricycle

    No, it ain’t your grandma-grocery-getter.  This bad boy will shock and awe people like Norman Schwarzkopf. Most adult tricycles are more embarassing to look at than to ride – not this guy.  Put a smile on your face and everyone that sees you in a custom adult big wheel tricycle from Urbantrike. Come see what […]

  • Urbantrike adult big wheels come in three models.

    Urbanize Suburban.

    Oversized tires, sleek seats and custom colors make your ride to the coffee shop an economical, eco-friendly time out. No more fights in the Whole Foods parking lot, there’s always a spot for these compact transports. Customize your urbantrike and roll to your own beat. You are unique and we love that about you. From […]



Proper fun, Bailey combines enjoyment, practicality and comfort into one.



This beast turns heads. With fat tires and dropped frame, it seems to hover.



A beastly trend-setter, the Adairicus kicks ass and takes names.

Custom Urbantrike Adult Big Wheel

Custom Trike

Looking for something different? Custom design your own ride.

So... how does it ride?

We took these bad boys to downtown Scottsdale and asked random passerbys to try them out.

The results were, well... see for yourself.