Interested in our trikes?  Let us tell you a little bit about them…


Graphic - Features2

Last time you rode something this fun, you were probably six.  Let’s face it, you’ve changed a lot since then – good thing the big wheel has, too.  We designed Urbantrikes to be badass, but they also come packed with features you won’t find on your run-of-the-mill three wheeler.

  • Spin Freely - Freespin 20-inch 38-spoke front wheel makes downhill and coasting a breeze.
  • Endure - Welded from high-grade 1.5-inch .095-gauge steel tubing to provide durability and tight tolerances.
  • Relax - Fully padded and comfortable 18-inch wide vinyl seat provides the perfect style and comfort.
  • Support - Our quality steel frame and high capacity rear hubs are rated over 500 lbs.  Tote your BFF on the back.
  • Meld - 10-inch long sliding seat track ensures a perfect fit for every bum every time, no matter your height.
  • Customize - Pimp your ride with a variety of design options, from frame color to handlebars.

Besides that, we have various models to fit each person.  Here’s how they stack up:

Adult Big Wheel Comparison                                         Buy-Atticus2           Buy-Bailey2           Buy-Adairicus